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Fully Insured, License & Certified

iDrive Driving School is a certified and licensed driving school approved by DMV

DMV Certified

All of our Instructors/Coaches are DMV licensed and bonded with 10+ years of experience

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Our prices are reasonable and earns itself through the student's satisfaction.

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We offer courses to train new drivers or help experienced drivers to learn new skills. We offer courses to teens and adults of all ages. We also offer both classroom knowledge and behind-the-wheel experience.

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Why Choose iDrive?

There are lots of driving schools out there, but not all driving schools in VA are the same. iDrive Driving School stands out among the rest due to our certification, convenience, comfortable atmosphere, and proven success.

Virginian State Authorized

iDrive Driving School is Virginia State authorized, bonded, and insured. In addition, our experienced and skilled trainers have all passed the test of National Record verification and are ensured in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Comfortable Atmosphere

You learn better when you are comfortable. You drive better when you are confident. That’s why the expert instructors of iDrive Driving School go out of their way to create a friendly, comfortable atmosphere in newer model vehicles. We will coach you through your training to help you become more comfortable and confident behind the wheel.


We offer work, school, or home pick-up and drop-off so you don’t have to get a ride to us and you can fit your driving lessons into your busy schedule.

Proven Success

Over 95% of our driving students pass their DMV driving test on the first try. Overall, our driver education training results in a 99% success rate. We believe we can help you successfully pass your DMV Road Test and become an excellent driver.

Driving School

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What Makes iDrive Different?

iDrive Driving School VA goes beyond just teaching people laws and how to operate a motor vehicle. We train drivers in defensive driving and work to help our students feel safe, comfortable, and confident behind the wheel.

This is very important. Many drivers have the basic knowledge of what to do when driving, but when a sudden, unexpected event happens, they freeze and don’t perform the necessary driving skill they should to avoid an accident. However, when a driver feels comfortable driving and confidence in their driving skills, understands defensive driving, and has the experience of behind the wheel training, they are better able to stay calm and clear in sudden, unexpected situations and react properly prevent an accident.

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Our customers always come first. We will take the time to listen to you and respond to your needs. We can be contacted via our online form, email, phone, or post.

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Put our experience and expertise to work for you. Whether you have a teen looking to get their license or you, as an adult, need a license or just want to work on some driving skills, we would love to help you achieve your goal.

Register today and become one of the over ten thousand iDrive Driving School VA students who have successfully gotten their license and become great drivers.

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